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heri foundation tanzania

HERI Foundation is a non-governmental organization that advocates for equitable access to quality health care and education for all. The organization seeks to ensure increased access to quality healthcare and education for all regardless of geographical location, ethnic group, gender, age or any form of disability; by providing health care and educational facilities, capacity development to healthcare workers, community engagement activities, etc.

heri foundation tanzania

Our mission is to contribute to facilitating access to quality education and healthcare services in Tanzania through capacity building enhancement and provision of related facilities.

HERI Foundation is committed to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly to the attainment of Goal 3 – GOOD HEALTH AND WELLBEING and Goal 4 – QUALITY EDUCATION.

To us, good health and wellbeing as well as quality education for all, form a foundation for healthier livelihood and well-educated communities that are capable of transforming economies, politics, technology, environment and culture; for the benefit of all.